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Skyrim Build: The Clever Man

Name: Heifnir Hoar-Blood Race: Nord Age: 22 Standing Stone: Lover (early), Atronach (mid-end) M/H/S: 40/60/0 (Once you can cancel out spell cost through enchanting, dump the rest into health. You won't need stamina) Major Skills: Destruction, Conjuration, Enchanting Minor Skills: Alchemy, Light Armor & Smithing Essential Perks: Destruction: Novice-Expert Destruction, Augmented Frost 1-2, Deep Freeze, Augmented Shock 1-2, Disintegrate, Destruction Dual Casting & Impact (12) Conjuration: Novice-Master Conjuration, Conjuration Dual Casting, Summoner 1-2, Atromancy, Elemental Potency & Twin Souls (11) Enchanting: Enchanter 1-5, Insightful Enchanter, Corpus Enchanter & Extra Effect (8) Light Armor: Agile Defender 1-5, Custom Fit, Unhindered, Wind Walker, Matching Set & Deft Movement (10) Alchemy: Alchemist 1-5, Physician, Benefactor, Experimenter 1-3, Poisoner, Concentrated Poison, Green Thumb, Snakeblood & Purity (15) Smithing: Steel Smithing, Dwarven Smithing & Arcane Blacksmith (3) Note: you're only using smithing to maximize your improvement on your armor. You can also make a potion to further improve it or enchant a set of smithing clothes or both as well. Playstyle: You are a frost mage first and foremost. During the early stages of the game this is difficult as many enemies are resistant to frost and therefore don't do much damage. It is advised to quickly level your enchanting first so you can reduce the cost of destruction spells to a significant low. While you primarily use frost magic, lighting is your situational back up in the event you have a hostile frost atronach harassing you. Alchemy is for buffering your Destruction spells and longer lasting atronachs. Smithing is only used to increase the skill to 100. Once there, you can enchant 4 pieces of clothing to make smithing items 100% better and with a custom created potion with buffed alchemy clothing, your simple fur armor is as tough and sturdy as legendary daedric armor. Backstory: Heifnir was born in Windhelm. His parents were Stormcloaks and his older brother was only a couple years away from being recruited himself. As a child he was taught to distrust outsiders, especially Imperials and was never allowed to go near the Gray Quarter. This made Heifnir very nationalistic. Now most kids his age learned about ancient nord heroes like Feldir the Old and Gormlaith Golden-Hilt who slew dragons in mythic times. Heifnir was different though as his fascinations spawned from the tales of the Clever Men, Nordic mages who were as respected as their warrior counterparts. Heifnir made a promise to himself he would one day ask his parents to let him study at the college and that when he returned, would officially join up with the Stormcloaks. His time came when he turned 21 and was ready to be recruited into their ranks. His parents thought he was crazy for wanting to learn magic over swordplay. However after some persuasive talk, they reluctantly agreed. Their condition was he go to Cyrodiil to learn it as not to raise suspicion among the other Nords of Windhelm. In a weeks time, Heifnir packed a few essential belongings and made his way for the southern border in Falkreath. The guards at the border were suspicious of his intentions going into Cyrodiil but granted him access. He made it to Bruma the same night and was able to gain acess to the hall of the Cynod. For the next year, he spent his days studying basic and later advanced magical theory. He understood the ideas so well he was ready to begin putting them into practice. That was until one day, he recieved a letter from a neighbor in Windhelm stating that his parents and brother had been killed in a skirmish in the Pale against a large Legionnaire party. Heifnir fell into a state of despair. The funeral was in one week and he had to abandon his courses to make it home. He packed what he could carry and made for the border but was arrested there on suspicion of being a Stormcloak spy. They bound his hands a put him on a cart to Helgen.
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Dawnguard,Dragonborn and Hearthfire

Hi,I want to now how to download dlc's on ps3..plss can someone help me!!!
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I want to know more about mods I'm on a xbox one and every time I think I have the load order right well guess what I don't
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I've never before seen this item in all my years of playing Skyrim, and I've had to have finished the Dark Brotherhood questline about 20 times. Am I dumb?
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Funniest Bugs

What’s the funniest bug that has ever happened to you?

Mine was when I went into my house in Dawnstar (Overhaul mod) then a dragon spawned inside knocking and displacing everything, he couldn’t land anywhere and was glitching in and out of the house as if he was in the sky. I eventually killed him... just to glitch through the house and die from fall damage.
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Dragon glitch

Just experienced to coolest/but not cool dragon glitch. At night, during a blood moon, while the aura borialous was happening, I shot a blood dragon with my bow of damnation and it stole its soul while it was still alive. Pretty cool but now it won't die. I can not do any damage to it.

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A fact (Wispmothers

Wispmothers, an entity I think we all know, seems to be specific to TES. They are thought to be the ghosts of snow elves but by necromancy researchers they seem to be random ghosts waiting to be laid to rest. According to legends, they kidnap children, lure unsuspecting travelers to their doom and/or attack who’ve wronged them in life. For the wisps that accompany them, they are floating balls of light to attract people to their mother, either thought to be the wispmother’s victims created into slaves in the afterlife or just as random creatures summoned by the mother. (Also in the code it seems to be a whole separate race)
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Graphic mods

I'm thinking about adding some graphic mods to my Skyrim game to make it look better, what are some mods you guys recommend? (I play on the Xbox One btw)
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Guild hall

What's the best location to start a guild. I want something fancy but reasonably priced that me and my friends can pool our resources together and start a guild.
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ESO: Heat/Bounty system

Why is the heat/bounty system in ESO so bad? There is not one good thing about it, as it makes playing cities impossible unless you are willing to pay it off (and lose your goods) or be killed and lose your money and goods anyway with the added effect of your armour being damaged. This is a terrible design choice that makes it more beneficial not to play the game than to play it because there is only one perk that helps with this issue with can only be acquired by the player that has bought and invested time into the Thieves Guild DLC, and even that perk can only be used once a day.

The guard will accost you even if your bounty is only at one gold (running away from being accosted adds to your bounty btw) and they are very hard to avoid. Missions where you have to commit a crime will almost certainly add to your bounty.

Here is a list of improvements that should be implemented:
1. A faster decrease time in general for both your heat and bounty
2. It drops if you help anyone connected to the guards, leaders or officials. Such as a quest that would be in the game anyway
3. Decrease the range of which guards notice you
4. Have them not accost you if your bounty is under a certain number
5. Have more options to pay off the bounty without losing your loot
6. If you do a mission as part of a guild that requires you to commit a crime that guild should cover the bounty with no negative effects on the player. In other words don’t punish players for doing a quest they have no control over
7. It should adapt to levels. Lower level players should get smaller bounties than higher level players, there should obviously be a cap for this
8. Have the bounty be restricted to the province you committed it in why should guards in Summerset know that I stole something in Morrowind?
9. Have more perks in the base game that allow you to avoid and deal with heat/bounties better
10. If you are a person of high importance (say the Champion of Vivec) make it so that some crimes are overlooked but this can only be used when your bounty is small enough and a certain of number of times within a time frame

If all of that is implemented that most annoying system in ESO will become vastly better and more unique.

Anyway, my rant is over. What do you think about this?
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Battle debate #15 (I think)

Sorry I took so long. The last battle is short of users which means they choose the LDB. The Last Dragonborn wins.


Ysgramor, Kodlak and Skjor VS 25 Thalmor Soldiers and a Thalmor mage

Battleground: City of Windhelm


- Ysgramor uses his full armor. He uses Wuuthrad.
- All Soldiers uses elven sword and shield. No magic at all.
- A Thalmor mage can summon a Storm Atronach.
- Kodlak will not use werewolf ability. Skjor can.
- Kodlak uses a Skyforge Battle-axe.

Give out your gameplay and lore-wise thoughts. Let us battle. Victory or Sovengarde!
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Talking about the past.

So it is common knowledge that the next Elder Scrolls game is most likely going to happen in Hammerfell or High Rock. As far as I know three games have been in those provinces. Do you think that NPCs would mention the events from Redguard, Shadowkey, and Daggerfall?
PS: I know that not all of Redgaurd is cannon.
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Welcome home

My wife's Redguard was carrying more than she needed to, as she was headed to Fort Dawnguard. She fast travels home, to Lakeview Manor. After the load screen, an elder dragon shows up. Half way through the battle, a giant shows up. Both are dispatched, but the dragon falls right in front of the door.

Just another great day in Skyrim.
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What's a really fun build for skyrim remastered?
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A world where the Heart of Lorkhan was never found.

So I think most of us by know that the Dwemer found the Heart of Lorkhan and eventually because of a war with the Chimer because of this very heart they disappeared. But what if they didn’t disappear?

Basically almost any event in the Elder Scrolls universe can be traced back to the Heart of Lorkhan.

For example, Tiber Septims conquest. At first you may think well what does that have to do with the Dwemer and the Heart? Well if the Heart was never found the tribunal would’ve never been formed so would he be able to still invade Morrowind? Probably not because of the alliance between the Dwemer and Chimer that would easily overpower Tiber Septim.

He would also not be able to overthrow Summerset because all of that was done with the Numidium which he wouldn’t have gotten from Vivec.

Another thing is that the Dunmer would be non existent. Because the Tribunal could never use the Heart it would mean that they would also never get cursed and turned gray which means no Nerevarine prophecy and TES III: Morrowind would’ve never taken place.

In conclusion the surface of Nirn would be completely different without the Heart. Hell Morrowind could be an entire steampunk themed province.

Do any of you have any other examples feel free to add them.
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What is the ancient travelers skull

I was just exploring whean I found it and it looks like a normal skull but it says it's ancient, why?
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Are you guys worried about the next Tes game?

I am a little worried Because of the way fallout turned out. If it's on the same engine, we could have a big problem. How do you think things will pan out? Do you think it'll be good or bad? Do you think it will have a new engine?
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Guys I need yalls help.

You have all helped me in TES and givin me opinions, tips, and so much more I am so great full. But I need help on something every time I download Legends it works but the second one when your on the app will always move fast to number mostly 8 and stops. I left my phone for 12 hours and it never worked, I’ve tried everything (don’t want to say all I’ve tried unless y’all mension something I tried), but can you guys help me out?
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Werewolf or vampire

I think that werewolves are over power unlike vampire so share your thoughts
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