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Morrowind Military Builds: Imperial General

Male: Claudius Vespacion
Female: Amelia Vespacion

Race: Imperial

Class: Imperial General (Custom)
Specialization: Combat
Attributes: Endurance and Personaity
Major: Heavy Armor, Block, Long Blade, Speechcraft, and Spear
Minor: Mercantile, Athletics, Short Blade, Hand to Hand, and Marksman

Lord's Mail and Imperial Steel Armor
Imperial Shield

Steel Spear
Imperial Broadsword
Silver Shortsword
Silver Arrows and Steel Bow

You are a General, you are the shining example of what every soldier in the Legion should be. You serve the Emperor to a near fault, suppressing the Empire’s enemies wherever they are found. You protect the innocent and are generally nice, but if someone talk’s down to you, you have permission to punish them as you see fit for being a blaspheming traitor to the Empire.

In combat, open up by firing at the enemy with your bow. As they get close, pull out the spear, unless they are undead or daedra, in that case you go straight to silver shortsword. If you are attacked by multiple enemies, pull out the sword and shield and take a defensive stance.

Claudius Vespacion was born into a military family in the city of Kvatch on the year 3E 383 (Aged 44). His father was the commander of the Imperial Legion at the time and he expected Claudius to father in his footsteps and join the Legion. Claudius did, and at the young age of 19 he was ready for active duty.

In the year 3E 402 the War of Betony broke out between the Kingdoms of Sentinel and Daggerfall over the small island of Betony. The Emperor and Elder Council both agreed that something needed to be done before other nations in the Empire began picking sides. It was decided that the Island of Betony would go into the hands of Daggerfall and that the Empire would support that cities cause. Claudius’ Legion was sent in to help the city of Daggerfall in pushing out the invaders. A cohort of the Legion was sent to help Lord Bridwell at the Battle of the Bluffs, this was the cohort Claudius was a part of. Lord Bridwell had the legionnaires move east of where the battle was expected to happen. Lord Bridwell let the armies of Sentinel march right up to his own army of Daggerfall Infantry backed by Lion Guard elites before signaling for the Legion to flank. With the army of Sentinel pinched the battle was easily won. Claudius was promoted to the rank of sentinel after personally killing the leader of Sentinel’s army, half as a joke half as a real promotion for his work in the field. Claudius fought in the battles of Craghold and Gradkeep as well, his skill battle shown eventually earned him the rank of Dreadnought, a highly esteemed rank for a soldier so new to the Legion.

Claudius was not at the Battle of Cryngaine Field, he was instead assigned to look over the city of Gradkeep. Here he put down a small riot that objected the short term Imperial occupation that Betony’s inhabitants were not used to nor liked. Regardless, the people peacefully returned to their homes after a few warning shots from the fire ballista. This did not earn him a new rank, but respect of his elders. Claudius showed the capability to be able to both lead in battle and keep the peace afterwards.

With the King of Sentinel dead and his appointed second following soon after, Sentinel needed leadership loyal to the Empire. So, following the War of Betony, Claudius’ Legion was assigned with the military rule of Sentinel. The General in charge of the War of Betony was sent off to be in charge of the Legion stationed in the Imperial City after his victory there. A new General was put in charge, a man named Justinian Thedracius. His nickname was Unjust Justinian, he was a corrupt man who would sentence people to death on the flimsiest of evidence. He killed countless innocents in his rule over Sentinel.

Claudius new that the orders of his superiors must always be followed, but at the same time he new that legionnaires are supposed to serve the people and route out injustices. He needed to find a way to get the General out of power without disobeying orders. Claudius’ plan was to rise to the rank of Legate by following the corrupt man’s orders and then exposing the General once Claudius was trusted by him. It took over a year of work, but Claudius did it. He brought every man and women asked of him before the General, sometimes they were even guilty. Claudius was a Legate now, part of the “upper echelon” as it was called. He was proud of the rank, but not the way he achieved it. The blood was on his hands to, though he knew this was for the greater good. The greater good was always the Legion way.

Justinian trusted Claudius, and let him in on everything. Justinian was being bribed by smugglers and pirates in the city to kill off all those that could be a threat to the crime lords. Claudius pretended to go along and help Justinian for a small portion of money until Claudius could find hard evidence, which he did after not to long. Justinian set up a meeting with a pirate leader and Claudius. Claudius brought men he trusted to the meating to testify on his part that Justinian was corrupt once that time came.
On his way to the meeting, Claudius and his men were ambushed by Blades soldiers. They accused him off all the crimes Justinian had committed. Justinian had earned all the money he wanted from the pirates and smugglers and needed a way out, so he pinned everything on Claudius.

Claudius was convicted of all accounts and had a decision. Either face life in prison, or fight for freedom in the Arena. Claudius chose to fight, and fight he did. Through countless matches and countless years Claudius fought all that came at him. His experience and training outmatched all of his enemies, except one. On his final battle, the battle that would achieve him his freedom, he fought a famed orc. His name was Agronak gro-Malog, the Gray Prince as the people called him. An orc of unparalleled savagery and skill. Claudius thought nothing of it, just another orc.

He went out into the arena with his normal attire, heavy raiment, tower shield, sword, and spear. The orc charged at Claudius who put up his shield in defence. The orc brought his sword with such force that it knocked Claudius down. The orc came at him again, but instead of taking another hit, Claudius rolled out of the way of the attack and then thrust his spear at the orc, but he simply caught it and ripped it from Claudius’ hands before it made contact with the orc’s body. Claudius quickly drew his sword as the orc broke the spear in two and yelled at the top of his longs triumphantly. The crowd cheered with this and Claudius began to realise that this would not be easy. The orc walked towards Claudius boastfully as Claudius hid behind his tower shield and waited for the massive orc to make his move. Finally, the orc charged at Claudius who took a step to the right, deflecting the orc’s sword, and bashed him in the face with his shield. Claudius brought his sword down on the orc, but he caught it before the blade reached its target. Claudius watched in terror as the orc pushed the sword back with one hand, blood gushing from where the blade sliced his hand. The orc stabbed Claudius in the leg, causing him to fall to one knee, and then ripped Claudius’ sword from his hands. The orc shouted “I am Agronak gro-Malog! And I cannot be defeated!” and then kicked Claudius in the side of the head, knocking him unconscious. Agronak then took his sword and plunged it into the back of Claudius, seemingly killing him. But the gods had different plans for him, Claudius did not die that day. Instead, he was mysteriously sent off to Morrowind from the strict orders of Emperor Uriel Septim VII.
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