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I never hear anyone talk about I have but can’t play it cause my 2 little bros always play on Xbox 360 that I can play it on but how is it is it as good as others I only hear peeps talking about Skyrim, Oblivion, and ESO?
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Thalmor War?

Okay so... at the end of the civil war quest in Skyrim, Tullius says something about the Thalmor and a war later maybe. Do you all think that in TES VI, there will be a war with the Thalmor? If there is, would they base the game in Summerset Isles then? What do y'all think?
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• 3h

The goat

Ok, so what is it with goats they’re everywhere, during your way up towards the throat of the world, while your stalking Galum Jei (or whatever his name is). Is it part of some quest I haven’t noticed yet or is it just a joke by Bethesda?
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Do any of y’all think they’ll make an elder scrolls in valenwood?They made TES games everywhere except for there.
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Can you please say to me in what quest is essential Deeja?its stupitidly annoying
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Fan Art: Ashenara

So I had my friend draw Ashenara, the Khajiit. It's a Khajiit okay. I think she did a good job, and it was worth the $2
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Best set

What is in ur opinion the best weapon/ armors in Skyrim.(this is based on look not stats) Mine is the ebony set
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• 6h

Need opinions.

My vampire cure quest bugged out, so I’m stuck as a vampire forever. Does this warrant a new character? I feel like it might. Just wondering if I’ll ever be in a situation where feeding is going to be a problem.
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• 6h

I need help again

Ok so I talk to mage guy then the count of skinguard and the witch woman but I got a problem.I can’t fast travel outside cause when i do it’s day and I die and I can’t wait in her house cause it’s night time and I’m trespassing and I was going to actually wait in real life but she woke up at 9:00 something now she wants me to leave. I really don’t want to too have to make a new save cause I’ve gotten more far then I ever have been before and I also really want to play Oblivion and beat it cause it doesn’t feel right to play Skyrim and love it then TES 6 comes out and I only play those two. I want to see adventure and I wanna feel the same emotions as I did when I played Skyrim so can anyone help?
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• 6h

Challenge runs

Anybody got any good ideas for a challenge run?
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• 7h

What are you like in ES

All right guys. This is to get to know yourself in the Elder Scrolls series. This is just a bit of fun. These signs are found in Morrowind and Oblivion games. I don't know why it doesn't have birthsigns in Skyrim but nvm that. Here are the list you get to know yourself: State your race: Any race even non-playable races Birthsigns: The Apprentice: Confers a bonus to the character's Magicka attribute, but also gives a Weakness to Magic. The Atronach: Does not allow a character to regain Magicka through resting, but instead confers a Spell Absorption to recharge Magicka. The base Magicka is also increased. The Lady: Confers a bonus to Personality and Endurance attributes. The Lord: Gives the power to regenerate Health and a permanent Weakness to Fire. The Lover: Fortifies Agility and confers the ability, once a day, to paralyze an opponent at the cost of Fatigue. The Mage: Confers a permanent bonus to Magicka. The Ritual: Grants a powerful Restore Health spell and the ability to turn the undead. The Serpent: Gives the ability to cause a slow but potent poison on touch, while simultaneously curing the caster and dispelling magic. Casting this spell costs Fatigue. The Shadow: Grants the power, once a day, to become Invisible. The Steed: Grants a bonus to the Speed attribute. The Thief: Grants a bonus to Agility, Speed, and Luck attributes. The Tower: Grants the power to open a doors or containers of "Average" lock level or less once a day. Also grants the power to reflect damage once a day. The Warrior: Grants a bonus to the Strength and Endurance attributes. Now we get to the months: Morning Star - January Sun's Dawn - February First Seed - March Rain's Hand - April Second Seed - May Midyear - June Sun's Height - July Last Seed - August Hearthfire - September Frostfall - October Sun's Dusk - November Evening Star - December Also, these skills: Illusion Conjuration Destruction Restoration Alteration Enchanting Smithing Heavy armour Block Two-handed One-handed Archery Light armour Sneak Lockpicking Pickpocket Speech Alchemy Now, pick a birthsign, stat your month and pick everything that describes you the most. Describe why you choose that birthsign and these skills you chose. I'll give my example: Race: Imperial Birthsign: The warrior - I'm a fighter and a martial artist. I am able to protect myself from harm outside. I act tough but nice too. Month: Hearthfire Skills: Block: I'm able to protect myself from other fighters One-handed: I do martial arts Archery: Good at basketball Sneak: Silent sneaker Pickpocket: Able to take my friend"s bottle silently Speech: I debate certain things and talk most of the time with my friends So that's it really. I gave you an example of everything about myself. Now it's your turn. Have fun :) If you have any questions, give it to me in the comments below
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Is eso still worth buying or should I wait for es6
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Daily question

If you could be any race in Tamriel what would you be (even snow elves and dwarves)
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• 9h

I need help

In the dawngaurd DLC I joined the dawngaurd and I’m currently doing the soul cairn quest but I left before finishing the quest and I went to Aela to be a werewolf again and now I can’t get back into the soul cairn and the only way now is to be a vampire via disease but I need to get rid of my lyncanthropy and the radiant quest purity isn’t activating. I’m on ps4 so console commands won’t work and I don’t feel like downloading mods.
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• 9h

Best House?

Which is the best house to buy for display cases, storage and most importantly mannequins?
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• 9h

Dawnguard DLC

I am playing as a Heavy Armor and Two Handed character. Would it be more fun to play with the Volkihar or the Dawnguard?
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Guys I need your help i just shut the Oblivion gate at the Gold Coast and when it shuts and I come out I start losing health it starts to steadily drop and I don’t know why. It’s like as soon as I come out I take health damage no biggie but then it starts dropping more and faster I need help. I really want to beat Oblivion but I can’t when this happens!
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• 11h

Story time

Did anybody notice this at Windhelm? Its in front of palace of the kings.
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• 12h

Fire pressure plates

I just realised there are two kinds of em. One with darker colour in the middle, shoots fire. And one that just gray, no fire. ._.
At the Ustengrav Depths. Haven't checked other ruins yet.
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Console commands And Ps4 Mods

What are those???i hear them over qnd over again and i dont know what the heck are!also is there modding in ps4?if yes how does it work?and how can i mod a game?
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