AI-altering effects are effects that change the way a character fights.

To first understand AI-altering effects, one must first understand AI. When the Construction Set is launched and a character's profile is clicked on, there will be a tab at the bottom left corner that says "AI." Clicking on this will upload a window that has four stats on it: Aggression, Confidence, Energy, and Responsibility.

The final two, energy and responsibility, cannot be altered in the game except by script. What we are interested in is aggression and confidence. These two, combined with many other factors, decide whether the NPC will fight, run, or stand there and get attacked.

  • Frenzy will encourage the NPC to fight unprovoked.
  • Rally will encourage the NPC to stay and fight after a fight has ensued.
  • Calm will make the NPC stop fighting, but still not run away.
  • Demoralize will make the NPC run away after being attacked (the spell is hostile in an of itself, so casting the spell alone will "attack" the NPC).
  • Command Humanoid and Command Creature will take an otherwise hostile NPC and make it fight for the player.
  • Charm does not alter either Aggression nor Confidence, but rather, the NPC's disposition toward the player. Raising it higher than their aggression rating will ensure that they will not attack the player unless provoked.
  • Turn Undead does the same as demoralize, but on undead, since undead are unaffected by demoralize.