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A Dance in Fire is a collection of seven books written by Waughin Jarth. They can be found and read in Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim. The books increase various skills, depending on the volume read.

Volume # Affected Skill Location (Oblivion)
1 Acrobatics Ganredhel's House, in Cheydinhal, in the dresser.
2 Block In the Elven Gardens District, in Imperial City, in a guard house, on the northeast section on a table at the ground floor.
3 Athletics Inside Uuras the Shepherd's House, in Skingrad, in a bookshelf on the top floor.
4 Acrobatics East of entrance to Castle Kvatch Great Hall.
5 Marksman Under a house in Bruma.
6 Mercantile Chorrol in Casta Scribonia's house, on shelf on 2nd floor.
7 Mercantile Looted from boss-level vampires and bandits and it is also a reward from the quest "Two Sides of the Coin."

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