A Dance in Fire is a collection of seven books written by Waughin Jarth. The series is set in 3E 397, and follows the adventures of Decumus Scotti, a former employee of the Atrius Building Commission. In the series, he travels throughout Valenwood, seeking to strike a lucrative deal with a local Bosmeri leader to repair damage inflicted during the Five Year War. They can be found and read in Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim. The books increase various skills, depending on the volume read.

Volume # Affected Skill Location (Oblivion)
1 Acrobatics Ganredhel's House, in Cheydinhal, in the dresser.
2 Block In the Elven Gardens District, in Imperial City, in a guard house, on the northeast section on a table at the ground floor.
3 Athletics Inside Uuras the Shepherd's House, in Skingrad, in a bookshelf on the top floor.
4 Acrobatics East of entrance to Castle Kvatch Great Hall.
5 Marksman Under a house in Bruma.
6 Mercantile Chorrol in Casta Scribonia's house, on shelf on 2nd floor.
7 Mercantile Looted from boss-level vampires and bandits and it is also a reward from the quest "Two Sides of the Coin."