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A Dangerous Dream is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online. A Lion Guard patrol on its way from Daggerfall to Wayrest as attacked by Daedric Cultists who referred to themselves as 'Supernal Dreamers'. The cultists kidnapped the guard captain.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Find the Guard Captain
  2. Find a way to Wake the Guard Captain
    1. Douse the Supernal Dreamer's Braziers
  3. Talk to Captain Jerick in Koeglin Village
  4. Complete the quest


A recruit approaches the Vestige and she sounds out of breath. She stutter some words about a captain, and they came at night. Their caravan was attacked on the way to Wayrest, Bretons fighting with Daedra by their side. Killed most of them and took the captain. They took him to Stormhaven, near the border, ruins...

After agreeing to help find the captain, head to the border and cross into Stormhaven. There are a few injured recruits who tells them to find the captain fast, they'll be all right. Follow the marker to the right, a few of the cultists are defending their camp, Supernal Dreamers Camp, and hurry through to the large stone structure on the other side of the camp where the captain lies on the ground, struggling between a pair of mystical braziers.

He seems to be under a nightmare spell, they must find a way to break the spell. Go over to the braziers and douse them both. A soon as this is done a portal opens and a Daedra attack with several Banekins starts. Fight them all and when defeated, the portal closes. Go over to Captain Jerick and shake him so he wakes up. He at once says he needs to go to Koeglin Village, and he wants the Vestige to meet him there.

Head over to the village, the captain can be found in the Sleepy Sailor Inn. He is upset as the Daedra killed his entire patrol. They dragged him off and threw him into a nightmare. Vaermina they kept saying. High King Emeric needs to be told about this cult, with their nightmare magic, these Daedra madmen could plunge Stormhaven into chaos.



  • This quest starts in Glenumbra, by three different recruits depending on where the Vestige are at the moment. It ends in Stormhaven.

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