A Delivery is a Temples quest available during the events of The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall. The Agent is tasked with safely delivering a religious item to one of the Temple's priestesses, found in another town.


After joining one of the Eight Divine temples scattered throughout the Iliac Bay, the Agent will be assigned randomly determined quests to complete by the temple's missionary. Once they have achieved the rank of Initiate or higher, one of the temple's missionaries will offer more difficult quests.


  • Speak with a Missionary from a joined Temple.
  • Head to the town specified by the Missionary.
    • Ask around/search the town for the location of the Priestess.
    • (Potentially) Avoid attackers sent by a rival Temple.
  • Speak with the Priestess before the time limit expires to complete the quest.


Speaking with a Missionary from a joined Temple will reveal that a religious item needs to be moved from the current Temple building to another town. Accepting the quest will reveal more details about the location of the intended recipient, a Priestess serving in the town. The Missionary will also warn the Agent that a rival temple has interest in the item, and may attempt to stop the delivery.

Dangers of DeliveryEdit

Arriving in the specified town, the Agent will have to find the building in which the Priestess in staying. The most effective method for this is to ask the local population, although doing so may increase the chance of a thief or Nightblade spawning to attack the player. The attacker will announce their intentions by shouting:

"That [religious item] will never make it to [priestess' name]. Instead, I shall deliver them your head!"

Having escaped their attentions, either by fight or flight, the Agent must speak with the Priestess before the time limit expires to deliver the item. She will take the item and give the Agent their fee for safely completing the delivery on time.


The Agent will receive a random amount of gold for completing the quest successfully, awarded by the Priestess rather than the Missionary. The success or failure of the Agent in undertaking the quest will also affect their reputation in the Temple:

Faction Reputation
Deity of the Temple +5
Temple +2
Faction Reputation
Deity of the Temple -2
Temple -1


A Delivery - c0b10y07
IDJournal Entry
0 [Date]:

[Quest giver's name] of [temple] has given me a charge to deliver the [religious item] to [priestess' name] in [building] in [town]. It must be there within [x] days.

  • Quest accepted


  • NPCs will have a variety of dialogue options referring to the quest when asked for any news:
    • Success: "[Priestess' name] seems pleased with [his/her] gift from [temple]."
    • Failure: "[Temple] has been cursing the name [player's name]."