A Diamond in the Root is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Read Broken Helm Notes
  2. Find the Diamond
  3. Talk to the diamond fence in Riften
  4. Collect reward (located behind Riften Fighters Guild).


After reading Broken Helm Notes, search for the Diamond. This will be located in one of the skeletons nearby Skullcrusher, the named Troll, and the Skyshard. At one point, the quest will ask you to speak to Seryna in The Withered Tree in Riften.


  • "Welcome to the Withered Tree. Good luck getting any actual help around here."
  • (I hear that you're interested in diamonds.) "Keep your voice down! Why do you think fences don't have storefronts? Discretion, discretion, discretion!"
  • (Do you want it or not?) "Of course I do! But I can't trade while I'm on my shift. Give the diamond to me. You'll find your payment in the graveyard behind the Fighters Guild. Look for a cairn with flowers on it. Don't dig too deep. The Nords are touchy about their graves."
  • (How do I know you won't take the diamond and run?) "Fences who can't be found don't stay in business for long. And I couldn't stay here after cheating a damn hero. Bribes only get you so far. Now go!"


  • 36–151 GoldIcon