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A Falling Wizard is an unmarked quest in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. The quest revolves around a random encounter with a "flying" Bosmer wizard, Tarhiel.


A wizard tries to perform an unsuccessful flying spell.


  • Follow the north-western path from Seyda Neen towards Hla Oad.
    • Optional: Save Tarhiel, and receive no rewards.
  • Witness the death of Tarhiel.
    • Loot the body for rare rewards.


As the Nerevarine is exploring the Bitter Coast region, east of Hla Oad, past the Odai River, a scream is heard and a Bosmer mage is seen falling from the sky to his death. The Hero may loot the body to find his journal and some scrolls of Icarian flight.

Optional: It is possible to save him by casting a area affect Slow Fall. Although nothing will be gained this way, and Tarhiel is not thankful and only says: "I do not want to talk about it." It will, then, be impossible to converse or trade with him.



  • There are no journal entries for this quest.
  • Tahriel's Barter and Spellmaking options are present in his dialogues, but it is only possible to say "Goodbye".
  • In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim's Dragonborn add-on, a wizard in Solstheim can be encountered who will attempt to fly "like dragons" by casting a spell he created. His fate is the same as Tarhiel's, probably making reference to Tarhiel.

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