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My dearest Selina,

It's been a difficult day. General Carius ordered us to help the laborers shore up the walls since they're starting to show their age. It was back-breaking work, but without the extra support, those walls wouldn't stand up to a siege. Some of the men are grumbling about the task, but I don't agree with them. The general knows what's best for Fort Frostmoth and I would follow him to Oblivion and back if he asked. There's a supply ship due on Solstheim in a few weeks and I hope to send you all these daily letters I've been writing. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them. I miss you Selina, and I can't wait to see you when my time on Solstheim is through.

Yours always,

Maximian Axius
20 Evening Star 4E 04


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