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As dictated to Tutor Riparius by Fa-Nuit-Hen

I have an idea, my Tutor! We shall try something different to remember the Baron who Moves Like Wind in Reeds: we shall re-construct him with pure logic!

Wind: air movement, amorphous but persistent, varying in vector, pressing from every point of the compass, strong, then soft, then strong again.

Reeds: tall drying grass stalks, foundations of literature, rattling and swaying, bending before pressure, or vibrating in tones if constrained.

Baron: a figure of mastery, a person made for warfare, an aspect of myself that concentrates a body of skill into a skilled body, in incarnation of artistry.

Therefore: the Baron who Moves like Wind in the Reeds! We know his components, thus we must remember him complete, in totality, and see him clearly before us! We must...

No. No, it doesn't work like that.

What shall I do, my Tutor? What was it you said about being reminded of what is within, by someone who is without. What was that, Riparius? Say it again.


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