A New Debt is a side quest in The Elder Scrolls V: Dragonborn.


Mogrul demands the Dragonborn pay a debt of 1000 GoldIcon that Drovas Relvi owed him. It is possible to only pay 500 GoldIcon if Drovas is spoken to.


After completing "Reluctant Steward," if Mogrul, the loan shark in Raven Rock, is approached, he will state that Drovas Relvi was in debt to him. As Drovas is now Neloth's steward and thus, under Neloth's protection, he is untouchable. Mogrul states that the Dragonborn is responsible for the debt and demands payment. Refuse and Mogrul will keep sending thugs to collect the payment until the quest is completed. The options are to either pay the debt or kill him. If paying, he may also be intimidated into cutting the debt in half.

If choosing to kill Mogrul, it can be easily accomplished by luring him out of Raven Rock (as he will immediately begin approaching upon arrival) and slaying him out of sight of the guards and townsfolk. Alternatively, Mogrul will be relatively isolated in the Retching Netch from approximately 12:00am to 3:00am in-game time. The bartender Geldis Sadri's location prevents him from being counted as a witness. If "Unearthed" has been completed and Teldryn Sero has been hired as a follower, both Teldryn and Ralis Sedarys will assist the Dragonborn. During this time, he may be found sleeping alone in his room, which is the second door following an immediate right at the bottom of the stairs. Picking the lock in stealth, going in, closing the door and killing him in his sleep incurs neither bounty nor attacks from Slitter.


Journal Entry
Helping Drovas has come back to bite me. He owed a money lender named Mogrul 1000 septims. Now Mogrul expects me to pay Drovas' debt. If I don't, he's going to keep sending thugs after me.
  • Objective: Pay Mogrul
  • Objective: Pay or kill Mogrul
Pay Mogrul: Helping Drovas has come back to bite me. He owed a money lender named Mogrul 1000 septims. Mogrul expected me to pay Drovas' debt, which I've done.*Quest complete
Intimidate Mogrul: Helping Drovas has come back to bite me. He owed a money lender named Mogrul 1000 septims. I persuaded him to take half that.*Quest complete
Kill Mogrul: Helping Drovas has come back to bite me. He owed a money lender named Mogrul 1000 septims. Mogrul expected me to pay Drovas' debt. However, I killed him instead.*Quest complete



  • Drovas can be talked to about the money he owes. When speaking with Mogrul, choose the dialogue option "Please be patient. I'll get you your money." then travel to Tel Mithryn and speak to Drovas. He will say that he does not have the money, but will hand over 250 GoldIcon if he is pressed on the subject. The Dragonborn will have to pay the rest of the debt upon return to Mogrul.
  • Killing Mogrul only results in the gain of a bounty of forty.
  • When Mogrul first approaches, if the conversation is exited instead of selecting dialogue options, the quest does not start. Mogrul will continue to follow, and attempt to initiate conversation again. The Dragonborn can lead Mogrul in this way outside of Raven Rock, allowing him to be killed without alerting the town guards. Mogrul will not follow into a building, or when the Dragonborn uses fast travel.
  • If Mogrul is killed, Slitter will immediately become hostile, and attack. Hence, it is recommended that, if attempting to assassinate Mogrul, to kill Slitter first. If Mogrul is killed first, and the Dragonborn successfully becomes 'hidden,' Slitter will stop registering as an enemy, but will immediately attack again when he detects the Dragonborn, or if spoken to. The town guards will not become involved if Slitter attacks, but people with whom the Dragonborn has gained favor will attack Slitter. If Slitter is not killed, his presence prevents waiting or fast travel as "there are enemies nearby." Killing him after killing Mogrul does not result in a bounty.
  • If Morgrul is assaulted in the Retching Netch and Teldryn Sero has been under the employ of the Dragonborn at any point, Teldryn will come to the aid of the Dragonborn, declaring, "Comfort is given, justice is taken!"
  • If Mogrul is killed purely by stealth then Slitter will not attack the Dragonborn and will continue to interact with the normal dialogue (e.g. saying "I work for Mogrul...") In order to do this, the Dragonborn needs to be crouched in front of the door ready to leave. They will then you need to kill him and leave the building quickly before Slitter gets in combat mode and tries to search for the assassin. If the Dragonborn immediately returns to the Retching Netch, they can loot Mogrul's body, and Slitter will not attack them nor will they receive a bounty. (tested PS3 and Xbox 360 using a Dragonbone Bow and full stealth skill, Mogrul was killed in the Retching Netch.)
  • The Dragonborn can pickpocket Mogrul afterwards to reclaim any money given to him throughout the course of the quest.

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