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  • Location: [?]
  • Author: Knight Gallant Titianus Iulus


A Nightmare Land, By Knight Gallant Titianus Iulus, Watcher of Ska'vyn Flat salt plains devoid of nourishment. Drifting wastes of sand. Sharp-clawed creatures and skeletal carcasses. Terrible horrors lurking above and below the sand. Sudden dust storms that choke and confuse. Water poisoned by the leaching salt. Knee-deep sand to slog through or impassable cliffs in which to plummet. Gorges that take days to circumvent, The deep desert of Alik'r is a nightmare land. it is the researcher's opinion that very few Redguards could survive for more than a few days out here. Surely people could only live in the coastal regions of Hammerfell, as the occupations of it's interior has occured through bluff, bluster, and the lack of any other race wanting this cursed and shriveled shell, a carbuncle on Tamriel's backside.