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A Recipe of Surpassing Danger

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  • Location: [?]
  • Author: Anonymous
  • Collection: Craglorn Secrets


Collecting the ingredients necessary to create this unusual dish requires untold bravery and the fortitude to overcome surpassing dangers, but I assure you that the finished result is delicious and worth every death-defying moment you spend in search of these rare delicacies.

1 dozen dreugh eggs
2 unbroken dreugh legs
Spider silk, enough to form a large ball
Fire toad skins, six unbroken jides
Seventeen lamia scales
1 ghost-shadow mushroom, large
1 Daedra heart, diced
Boil the eggs and legs in a pot or a kettle. If neither is available, use a basin. Then add ….

[Blood mars the rest of the recipe, making it illegible.]


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