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A Secret Shame is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online: Thieves Guild.

Quick walkthroughEdit


Unique ItemsEdit

  • Spiritcatcher - This old amulet appears unadorned and unremarkable.


Journal Entry

Treasure-hunting pirates have disturbed the undead necromancers in Bahraha's Bloom. Now the great seal that kept them trapped has been weakened and the necromancers may soon be free to threaten all of Hew's Bane.


Spiritcatcher has absorbed a fair amount of energy. I can use it now to recharge the seal protecting Bahraha's Bloom.

  • Objective: Use the Amulet to Recharge the Seal

I restored the seal protecting Bahraha's Gloom with the energy from Spiritcatcher. I should return the amulet to the priest and let her know what happened.

  • Objective: Talk to Sabileh
  • Quest complete

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