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A Storm Broken is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online.


Elder Seven-Bellies asks the Vestige to find his sister, Pash-Riha. When the Vestige finds her, she will ask them to find and kill a powerful Orc warrior and his mage friend, because they are invaders from the Daggerfall Covenant. Once this task has been completed, the Vestige returns to Elder Seven-Bellies, who will ask them to look for his sister once again.


  • Find Pash-Riha again.
  • Kill the Covenant Lieutenant.
    • Use Pash-Riha's Dagger on the Lieutenant's Corpse.
  • Talk to Pash-Riha.


Find Pash-Riha againEdit

The Vestige must head west from Lukiul Uxith until they find a small camp with tents and Covenant soldiers. It is possible to find maple wood and an essence runestone in the camp. Once the soldiers are dealt with, the Vestige must head to the hill located north of the campfire where Pash-Riha will be found lying on the floor. After examining her, she will ask the Vestige to kill Lieutenant Hawrond and stab his corpse with her dagger, Mota Fang.

Kill the covenant lieutenantEdit

The Vestige should now head to the opposite side, south of the campfire, where more Covenant troops may be found. After that, they will find Lieutenant Hawrond who will fight immediately. Once he is dead, the Vestige must get close enough to his corpse for the option Use Mota Fang to appear; accepting this will complete the current objective.

Talk to Pash-RihaEdit

The Vestige should now return to Lukiul Uxith but will find several Covenant soldiers on their way there. Once they arrive they will find Pash-Riha standing next to her brother Elder Seven-Bellies. When spoken to, she will thank the Vestige and give them her dagger, Mota Fang, as a reward.



Journal Entry
Pash-Riha hasn't returned to town yet. She's still hunting a Covenant lieutenant. Seven-Bellies is concerned for her safety. He believes she may be hunting southwest of the town.
I must find Pash-Riha.