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A Warning to the Aldmeri Dominion

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The overlords of the Aldmeri Dominion are hereby put on notice: renounce your ambitions of aggression and return to your islands and jungles, or the wrath of the Daggerfall Covenant shall fall upon you like a hammer of the Divines.

We are well aware that the Aldmeri plan nothing less than a return to the Elven domination of the other races, particularly Men and Orcs. They wish to overturn the legacies of the First and Second Empires and wipe them from history. This we shall not allow. Never again will free Men and Orcs submit to the tyranny of Elven oppression!

The arrogant High Elves of Summerset are clearly the driving force behind the Dominion. We of the Covenant have shown, through our acceptance of the Direnni, that we can live with the Elves in peace, but Queen Ayrenn insists on war. Her invasion of the continent of Tamriel is nothing but naked aggression. The Dominion has no territorial rights in Cyrodiil. If the Altmer do not return to Summerset, their invading armies will be destroyed.

The Wood Elves and the Khajiit have traded with our Iliac Bay kingdoms for ages, but they've made a mistake in allying themselves with the perfidious Altmer of Summerset. Though we of the Covenant wish them no ill will, if they maintain their alliance with the Dominion, they will suffer the same fate at our hands as the High Elves. They must reconsider, or they must face our wrath.


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