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"Abah's Landing. The Jewel of Khefrem! If you hid the jewel up a camel's arse to smuggle it past the dockmaster."

Abah's Landing is a city located in the northeastern corner of Hew's Bane, Hammerfell.




Abah's Landing is split into four districts:

Manor DistrictEdit

The northern Manor District is the grandest location in Abah's Landing. It is home to the most wealthy and elite merchant lords and families of the city.

Bazaar DistrictEdit

The central Bazaar District is home to the city's stores and common residences. It is also home to the docks/harbor of the city, containing many ships.

Warehouse DistrictEdit

The southern Warehouse is a section of the city filled with cargo and workers, transporting goods in and out of Abah's Landing. It is off-limits to the Vestige, meaning that if one enters it, they will gain a bounty if detected.

Flooded DistrictEdit

The south-eastern Flooded District is home to the city's slums and lower-class citizens. Nobody lives on the Crocodile-infested ground of the district, instead preferring to live higher up on the floors.

Notable itemsEdit

In Thieves Den: