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Abecean Sea

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Abecean Sea
Abecean Sea
Abecean Sea Map
City Anvil
Nearby Location Anvil Lighthouse
Type Body of water
Enemies Slaughterfish

The Abecean Sea lies off the west coast of Cyrodiil. The city of Anvil is situated along its shore. Both the Brena and the Strid Rivers flow into the sea. The sea also borders Valenwood, south of Cyrodiil, and Hammerfell to the north. Slaughterfish are known to inhabit the waters.

Notable locationsEdit

There is a whirlpool in the Abecean called the Maelstrom of Bal that can make ships disappear, and may be a portal into Oblivion, but the trauma of riding its waters would surely slay any who tried.[1] There also lies a mysterious ship wreck up north in the Abecean Sea, at the mouth of the Brena River. The island of Stirk is also located in the Abacean.




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