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For other uses, see Abilities.

Abilities are magical spells with constant effects that are granted at birth, in accordance with race or birthsign. They do not need to be cast, and do not consume Magicka. Some abilities provide a positive effect such as the ability to breathe under water or resist disease, while others have a negative effect such as a weakness to a particular type of damage.

Racial abilitiesEdit

Each individual in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind is born with the abilities below that are listed next to the race.

Race Ability Description
Altmer  Magicka Bonus  150% increase in maximum magicka
 Resist Disease  75% resistance to common diseases
 Weakness to Fire  50% weakness to fire damage
 Weakness to Frost  25% weakness to frost damage
 Weakness to Magicka  50% weakness to magical effects
 Weakness to Shock  25% weakness to shock damage
Argonian  Immune to Poison  100% resistance to poison damage
 Resist Disease  75% resistance to common diseases
Bosmer  Resist Disease  75% resistance to common diseases
Breton  Magicka Bonus  50% increase in maximum magicka
 Resist Magicka  50% resistance to magical effects
Dunmer  Resist Fire  75% resistance to fire damage
Imperial  None  
Khajiit  None  
Nord  Immune to Frost 100% resistance to frost damage
 Resist Shock  50% resistance to shock damage
Orsimer  Resist Magicka  25% resistance to magical effects
Redguard  Resist Disease  75% resistance to common diseases
 Resist Poison  75% resistance to poison damage

Birthsign abilitiesEdit

Main article: Birthsigns (Morrowind)

These abilities are granted at character creation:

Birthsign Name Description
The Apprentice Elfborn Fortify Maximum Magicka – 15 points * Intelligence
Weakness to Magicka – 50% weaker to Magicka Damage
The Atronach Wombburn Spell Absorption – 50% chance that spell is absorbed
Fortify Maximum Magicka – 20 points * Intelligence
Stunted Magicka – prevents Magicka from being regenerated
The Lady Lady's Favor Fortify Attribute: Personality – 25 points for 15 seconds
Lady's Grace Fortify Attribute: Endurance – 25 points for 90 seconds
The Lord Trollkin Weakness to Fire – 100% weaker to Fire Damage
The Lover Mooncalf Fortify Attribute: Agility – constant 25 points
The Mage Fay Fortify Maximum Magicka – 5 points * Intelligence
The Steed Charioteer Fortify Attribute: Speed – 25 points for 15 seconds
The Thief Akaviri Danger-Sense Sanctuary – 10% higher chance to dodge attacks
The Warrior Warwyrd Fortify Attack – 10% higher chance to make a successful attack

Other abilitiesEdit

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