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Skills are purchasable abilities in The Elder Scrolls Online. New skills are unlocked and learned by leveling up and spending Skill Points. There are both Active and Passive Skills in the game. Active skills are assigned a slot in the ability bar and must be activated by pressing a certain button. Passive skills give the player a constant and permanent effect.

Morphing SkillsEdit

Active Skills can also be morphed. Morphing a skill will turn it into a more powerful version of itself. With sufficient skill progression the Vestige will be allowed to spend a skill point and do this.

Currently, skills will feature two morph choices. Morphing a skill will usually add extra effects, make a certain effect more powerful, increase the range or area of an attack, make the skill consume less stamina or magicka when activated, etc.

Passive skills will not Morph, but more than one skill point can be put into these, which will increase the effectiveness of that passive skill.

Skills ResetEdit

There are altars throughout Tamriel that allow the Vestige to reset their skills, for a small fee. These altars are available in the capital city of each alliance, Wayrest, Elden Root and Mournhold.

All SkillsEdit

The skills listed below are those that are currently confirmed to be appearing in the game. However, Zenimax is planning on adding additional skill lines after release, which can only be found by interacting with the environment.

Class SkillsEdit

Dragonknight Skill TreeEdit

Dragonknight Skill Tree
Ardent Flame Draconic Power Earthen Heart
Ultimate Skills
Active Skills
Passive Skills

Nightblade Skill TreeEdit

Nightblade Skill Tree
Assassination Shadow Siphoning
Ultimate Skills
Active Skills
Passive Skills

Sorcerer Skill TreeEdit

Sorcerer Skill Tree
Storm Calling Dark Magic Daedric Summoning
Ultimate Skills
Active Skills
Passive Skills

Templar Skill TreeEdit

Templar Skill Tree
Aedric Spear Dawn's Wrath Restoring Light
Ultimate Skills
Active Skills
Passive Skills

Faction SkillsEdit

Faction Skills
Mages Guild Skills Fighters Guild Skills Thieves Guild Skills Dark Brotherhood Skills Undaunted
Ultimate Skills
Active Skills
  • [?] - expand list
  • [?] - expand list
Passive Skills
  • [?] - Expand list
  • [?] - Expand list

World SkillsEdit

Soul MagicEdit

  • Soul Magic
    • Soul Strike:
      • Channel Time: 3.2 Seconds
      • Target: Enemy
      • Range: 28 meters
      • Duration: 2.8 seconds
      • Cost:150 Ultimate
      • Type: Ultimate
      • Description: Deals 126 Magic Damage over 2.8 seconds and snares target by 70% while active
      • Unlock: Soul Magic Rank 6
    • Soul Trap I
      • Channel Time: Instant
      • Target: Enemy
      • Range: 28 meters
      • Duration: 10 seconds
      • Cost: 49 Magicka
      • Type: Active
      • Description: Deals 15 Magic Damage over 10 seconds and fills a soul gem if enemy dies while affected
      • Unlock: Soul Magic Rank 1
    • Soul Shatter
      • Type: Passive
      • Description: Player's soul explodes on death, causing 21 Magic Damage to all nearby enemies
      • Unlock: Soul Magic Rank 2
    • Soul Summons
      • Type: Passive
      • Description: Allows a player to revive without expending a Soul Gem once every 2 hours. (Unlocked at Soul Magic Rank 2)
      • Unlock:
    • Soul Lock
      • Type: Passive
      • Description: Weapon kills have a 5% chance to automatically trap souls
      • Unlock: Unlocked at Soul Magic Rank 3


    • [?]
This list is incomplete; help us expand it.


This list is incomplete; help us expand it.


This list is incomplete; help us expand it.

Racial SkillsEdit

Altmer SkillsEdit

  • Destruction Talent (Passive) - Increases exp with Destructive Skill line by 15%
  • Spellcharge (Passive) (3 ranks) - Increases Magicka Recovery while in combat by 3%
  • Gift of Magnus (Passive - 3 ranks) Increases maximum Magicka by 4%
  • Elemental Talent (Passive - 3 ranks) Increases damage with Cold, Fire, or Shock effects by 2%

Argonian SkillsEdit

Bosmer SkillsEdit

  • Archery Expertise (Passive) - Increases Bow skill line experience by 15%
  • Y'ffre's Endurance (Passive - 3 ranks) - Increases Stamina Recovery while in combat by 7%
  • Resist Affliction (Passive - 3 ranks) - Increase Poison and Disease resistance by 7%. Increase maximum Stamina by 1%

Breton SkillsEdit

Dunmer SkillsEdit

Imperial SkillsEdit

Khajiit SkillsEdit

Nord SkillsEdit

Orsimer SkillsEdit

  • Heavy Armor Expertise (Passive) - Increases experience with Heavy Armor skill line by 15%
  • Brawny (Passive - 3 ranks) - Increases maximum Health and maximum Stamina by 2%
  • Robust (Passive - 3 ranks) - Increases Health regeneration in combat by 5%
  • Swift (Passive - 3 ranks) - Reduces cost of sprint by 4% and increases sprint speed by 3%

Redguard SkillsEdit

  • Shield Affinity (Passive) - Increases experience gain with the One Handed and Shield skill line by 15%
  • Exhilaration (Passive, 3 ranks) - Increases Stamina Recovery while in combat by 3%
  • Conditioning (Passive, 3 ranks) - Increases maximum Stamina by 4%
  • Adrenaline Rush (Passive, 3 ranks) - Restores 1 Stamina to the player when damaging an enemy with a Melee attack. This can occur no more than once every 3 seconds.

Weapon SkillsEdit

One Hand and ShieldEdit

Active Skills

  • Puncture – Deals 7 Physical Damage, reduces target's Armor by 40%, and taunts target for 15 seconds.
    • Ransack (Morph Skill): Increases your armor by amount reduced.
    • Pierce Armor (Morph Skill): Also reduces spell resistance. 
  • Low Slash – Deals 8 Physical Damage and Snares target 60% for 9 seconds. Reduces target's weapon damage by 15% for 9 seconds.
  • Defensive Posture – Reflect next spell projectile back at attacker when activated. Increases block mitigation by 5% and reduces block cost by 5% when slotted.
  • Shield Charge – Player charges to target and attacks, dealing 7 Physical Damage and stunning target for 2 seconds.
    • Shielded Assault (Morph): Gain a damage shield after the attack.
    • Invasion (Morph): Stuns longer based on the distance traveled.
  • Power Bash – Deals 7 Physical Damage and disorients target for 8 seconds.
    • Reverberating Bash (Morph): Also afflicts the enemy with Major Defile, reducing their healing received.
    • Power Slam (Morph): Deals significantly increased damage, but no longer stuns. Blocking any attack increases the damage even further.

Passive Skills

Each of the following skills has 2 ranks:


Active Skills

Passive Skills

Each of the following skills has 2 ranks:

Dual WieldEdit

Active Skills

Passive Skills

Each of the following skills has 2 ranks:


Active Skills

Passive Skills

Each of the following skills has 2 ranks:

Destruction StaffEdit

Active Skills

Passive Skills

Each of the following skills has 2 ranks:

Restoration StaffEdit

Active Skills

Passive Skills

Each of the following skills has 2 ranks:

Armor SkillsEdit

Each of the Armor skills consist of one active skill and five passive skills.

Light ArmorEdit

Skills in this Skill line will give bonuses to spells and to Magicka regeneration.

Active Skill

Passive Skills

Medium ArmorEdit

Skills in this skill line will give bonuses to Stamina activities such as Dodge and Sneak.

Active Skill

Passive Skills

Heavy ArmorEdit

Skills in this skill line will give bonuses to received healing and bracing, amongst other things.

Active Skill

  • Immovable - A skill costing Stamina that makes you invulnerable to Stuns, Knockbacks and Staggers for 8 seconds

Passive Skills

Craft SkillsEdit

Craft skills are all passive skills.







Alliance War Skill LineEdit

Confirmed to be a skill line previously, this skill has multiple skill lines. In fact, it has three: Assault, Support and Emporer.

There will be a total of 50 skill ranks, with 25 titles that can be earned through this skill line.

Emperor Skill LineEdit

  • Features its own unique skill line.
  • Domain: (Passive) After capturing a lumber mill, farm, mine, or keep: Increase weapon damage by 10% and Magicka and Stamina regeneration by 20% for 10 minutes.
  • Authority: (Passive)
    • While Emperor: Increase Ultimate gains by 200%.
    • Former Emperor: Increase Ultimate gains by 4%
  • Monarch
    • While Emperor: Increases the magnitude of healing effects on Emperors by 50%.
    • As a former Emperor: Increases the magnitude of healing effects on Emperors by 1%.
  • Tactician
    • While Emperor: Increase siege weapon damage by 400%.
    • As a former Emperor: Increase siege weapon damage by 8%.
  • Emperor - increase health, magicka and stamina by 100% whilst in your campaign 

Support Skill LineEdit

Purge is an example of a skill in the support tree. It removes all snare and immobilizes effects from all nearby allies, increasing their movement speed.

Another skill temporarily speeds up a group's speed.


Ultimate SkillsEdit

  • War Horn
      • Instant
      • Target: Area
      • 20 m. radius
      • 250 ultimate
      • Increases Max Magicka and Stamina of nearby allies by 20% for 30 seconds.
    • Morph One: Aggressive Horn
      • Increases Weapon Damage
    • Morph Two: Sturdy Horn
      • Increases Maximum Health by 20%

Active AbilitiesEdit

Passive AbilitiesEdit

Removed SkillsEdit

Health Skill LineEdit

  • Iron Hide - Brace blocks an additional 10% damage
  • Dragon Blood - increase healing received by 10%.
  • Consuming Fangs - hitting target with a fully charged heavy attack heals you for 3 points.
  • Scaled Armor - increases spell resistance by 80%.
  • Deep Breath - Gain 63 point damage shield for 6 seconds when your health is reduced to below 20%.
  • Heart of a Dragon - After activating an ultimate skill, health regeneration is increased by 20% for 6 seconds.

List of SkillsEdit

(Full list of skills can be seen on the various Class or faction articles)

Skills shown in the Character Progression Video:


See Synergy for a list of known Synergies.


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