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Absorb Intelligence (Morrowind)

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Absorb Intelligence
Type Spell
Effect Absorb Attribute
Range touch
Area 0
Duration 30
Magnitude 5-20
School Mysticism
Magicka Cost 38
126 MagickaIcon
ID absorb intelligence
absorb intelligence [ranged]
Main article: Spells (Morrowind)

Absorb Intelligence is a Mysticism spell that temporarily transfers a portion of the victim's intelligence to the caster. The caster may exceed the attribute's maximum for the duration. When the effect ends, both caster and victim intelligence return to original values.

There is also a ranged version, although the ranged version drains agility instead of intelligence.


Normal versionEdit

Ranged versionEdit


The following people use and/or sell Absorb Endurance:


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  •  PC   The ranged version of this spell drains Agility instead of Intelligence.


The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

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