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Greetings, Academy candidate!

Congratulations again on your acceptance to the Shad Astula Academy of Magic. A list of items relevant to your studies follows. Please bring these materials with you when you arrive. Everything on the list can be purchased in Mournhold's merchant district. Please inscribe your name in each item for easy identification.

Three sets of gray Academy robes
Protective leather gloves
Summer cloak
Winter cloak

The Apprentice's Assistant by Aramril
Understanding Fire by Docksin
Altering Altercation by Duncan the Red
The Elements of Magicka by Albanon Renil

1 cauldron
1 set of glass phials
1 brass focus
1 training implement, either a wand, a staff, or a rod


  • This note is an easter-egg reference to the Harry Potter series, in its similarities to the note received by students of Hogwarts.


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