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For other uses, see Adamantium Armor.
Main article: Armor (Morrowind)

Adamantium Armor is a set of Medium Armor in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. It is available with the official plug-in Adamantium Armor. Three helms are added by the Helm of Tohan official plug-in.


Pieces of this armor can be purchased from: 

Pieces of the armor may be found in:

Attributes by pieceEdit

Name Piece ArmorIcon WeightIcon GoldIcon Health-icon Enchant Item ID
Adamantium Helm Helm 40 4.0 5000 900 50 adamantium_helm
Adamantium Cuirass Cuirass 40 25.00 10000 900 30 adamantium_cuirass
Adamantium Left Pauldron Pauldron 40 7.00 800 400 3 adamantium_pauldron_left
Adamantium Right Pauldron Pauldron 40 7.00 800 400 10 adamantium_pauldron_right
Adamantium Greaves Greaves 40 13.00 10000 400 3 adamantium_greaves
Adamantium Boots Boots 40 15.00 7000 400 10 "adamantium boots"
Adamantium Left Bracer Bracers 40 4.00 1000 200 10 adamantium_bracer_left
Adamantium Right Bracer Bracers 40 4.00 1000 200 10 adamantium_bracer_right


There is a unique version of the helm that can be acquired during the quest "Helm of Tohan."


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