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Not to be confused with Addamasartus.

Addadshashanammu is a Daedric Shrine found in the Bitter Coast region. It is dedicated to Sheogorath and is located on an island northwest of Hlormaren and south from Gnaar Mok, with its entrance facing northwest to the sea.

A relatively large shrine, this ruin is occupied by five hostile people and one Winged Twilight. Outside, there are a few leveled Daedra and a non-hostile person.

The loot includes several scrolls, some soul gems, and two skill books as well as some alchemy apparatuses. The pearl on the altar is cursed.

One of the people, Pelena Acicius, offers medium Speechcraft, light armor and sneak training, but she has to be calmed first.


Notable itemsEdit



  • Addadshashanammu has the longest single-word name of any location in the entire The Elder Scrolls franchise.


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