Addiction is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles.


Sheogorath sent the Hero to speak to Lord Thadon, Duke of Mania, as part of the quest "Understanding Madness." Speaking to Thadon will activate this quest.


Thadon will talk about the Chalice of Reversal, a cup that turns Felldew into an intoxicant. He's not entirely clear on the details, but thinks that one of his people or Lady Syl, the Duchess of Dementia, has more information.

Find Wide-Eye, an Argonian who generally stays in Thadon's throne room. She will say the Chalice is in Dunroot Burrow. Speaking to her further, one learns that the Burrow is inhabited by a unique form of Elytra that are somehow connected with the Chalice and Felldew.

Addiction Felldew Elytra

Elytra with Felldew

Travel to Dunroot Burrow where there will be an Elytra outside that glows with a green hue. This means that the Elytra is carrying Felldew. Kill it and make sure to take the Felldew. It must be ingested in order to enter the Burrow.

Although Felldew is technically an alchemical ingredient, its only effect is "Felldew Effect" and cannot be mixed with any ingredient but a Heart of Order and Greenmote. Once this quest is over, Felldew is useful only for its resale value.

Once taken, it gives "Felldew Euphoria," a +20 bonus to Strength, Agility and Intelligence. Soon, however, the effects will lessen and withdrawal will set in. One must continuously ingest Felldew or ones attributes, (and eventually health), will deteriorate. At any point these withdrawal effects can be neutralized by ingesting a single unit of Felldew. Making Felldew have the characteristics of an addictive drug.

Once inside the Burrow, make sure to check each Elytra for Felldew. The ones who carry it are easy to spot by their greenish glow. While not incredibly common, there should be enough Felldew in the Burrow to allow some exploration while avoiding withdrawal. While under the influence of Felldew (Felldew Euphoria), the Felldew-carrying Elytra will not attack you.

Addiction Inside Kelp Fen

Kelp Fen

If in a dead end, look for ramps made of roots that climb upward. The second level of the Burrow is called the Kelp Fen. It is a large pool of standing water in which many Red Kelps grow. The third level is the "Drone Tunnels." This is a confusing section of the Burrow, so keep an eye on the map. The final level of the Burrow is "Bramble Halls." At the end of the Halls is a door that leads to the "Sanctum of Decadence."

Addiction The Chalice

The Chalice

Inside the Sanctum, fight several Felldew Addicts and Joofy the Brown, an Imperial in tight pants. After killing all of them, explore the room. There is lots of valuable Felldew, many bottles of Cheap Wine. The Chalice sits on a pedestal in the center of the room. Take the Chalice and a door to the southwest will unlock, an exit from the Sanctum.

Once outside of the Burrow, the effects of Felldew disappear. Return the Chalice to Thadon, who grants the Hero the title "Courtier of Mania," which, Thadon notes, is meaningless.

Journal entriesEdit

Journal Entry
  • Update: After speaking with Thadon:

Thadon has asked that I retrieve for him the Chalice of Reversal. I need to find someone in his court, or in Syl's, who knows where it might be.

  • Update: After speaking with Wide-Eye:

Wide-Eye has told me that the Chalice of Reversal is locked away in Dunroot Burrow. I'll need to ingest Felldew to enter the Burrow, and pass through to reach the Chalice.

  • Update: After taking Felldew:

I've taken Felldew in order to enter Dunroot Burrow. I shall have to be careful as I proceed through the Burrow.

  • Update: Upon feeling the effects of Felldew withdrawal:

The effects of Felldew have worn off, and withdrawal is setting in. I need to either reach the Chalice of Reversal quickly, or find more Felldew as I make my way through the Burrow.

  • Update: After reaching the Sactum of Decadence:

I have survived Dunroot Burrow. Now I need to search the tower above for the Chalice of Reversal.

  • Update: After getting the Chalice:

I have the Chalice of Reversal. It should be delivered to Thadon as soon as possible.

  • Update: After returning the Chalice to Thadon:

I have delivered the Chalice of Reversal to Thadon, and he has granted me a place in his court.

  • Quest complete