"If you're looking to purchase goods, I have none to sale. You should head into Riften instead."


Addvild is a Nord farmer residing at the Snow-Shod Farm with his wife, Leonara Arius. He will buy leeks, potatoes, and wheat from the Dragonborn.


  • "Pretty quiet out here on the farm. My wife and I kind of like the solitude."
  • "Vulwulf has been quite generous to let me take care of their farm considering I am not part of their family."
  • "The Snow-Shod's are very trusting to let me run this place without their supervision."
  • "I'm glad there are guards outside the farm. I don't think I could defend the place alone."


  • ​Addvild tends to the crops at the farm from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM every day.
  • He will buy potatoes and leeks for 1 GoldIcon each. He will buy a bushel of wheat for 5 GoldIcon.


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