"We've lost control of Pinnacle Rock. Syl let them in... We had no idea she would turn on us."

Adeo quote

Adeo is a Dark Seducer captain in charge of retaking Pinnacle Rock from the Knights of Order, minions of the Daedric Prince Jyggalag.


The Helpless ArmyEdit

When the Hero arrives at Pinnacle Rock, Adeo will explain how Syl betrayed the Dark Seducers and separated them from their leader, Dylora. Pinnacle Rock was then invaded and overrun, with the defenders being without Dylora's leadership. Adeo and the remaining Seducers retreated to outside of the fort. Having no other options, they sent for the Hero despite them being the Duke/Duchess of Mania.

She wears the standard Dark Seducer Armor and wields a matching blade.