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Adoring Fan
Adoring Fan
Race Bosmer
Gender Male
Level PC-6
Class Commoner
Faction Follower
Ref ID 000AED41
Base ID 000AED40
"Wow! You're the Grand Champion! I saw your fight against the Gray Prince! You're the best! Can I... Can I follow you around? I won't get in the way!"
―Adoring Fan[src]

The Adoring Fan is a part of the "reward" for becoming Grand Champion in the Arena. He is a young and cheerful Wood Elf that will obey any command his Hero gives.


As a follower, the fan has limited uses. He refuses to fight in combat and will instead run and try to hide until it's over. This can prove fatal as he may run into more enemies and most likely become critically damaged or killed. He can be percieved as a severe annoyance, to the point where it has become a sport to find as many ways as possible to kill the Adoring Fan.

When he is not following the Hero, (or when he is waiting for them to return) he can be found at the Arena waiting to rejoin the Grand Champion.

The Adoring Fan will respawn after three days if he is killed.


  • "Here? Right here? What about, say... over there? No? Right here? All right then, you're the Grand Champion! Whatever you say!"
  • "By Azura, by Azura, by Azura, it's the Grand Champion! I can't believe it's you! Standing here, next to me!"
  • "Aw, gee! You sure? Okay, well, I'll be hanging around the Arena grounds if you need someone to worship the ground you walk on. Bye!"


  • In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, during the Dark Brotherhood questline, the Dragonborn will come across a book entitled "Cicero's Journal Vol. 1", which belongs to the assassin, Cicero. In this journal is a detailed report of an assassination contract where Cicero disguised himself as an Arena fan in the Imperial City, in an attempt to accompany, and then assassinate, the Grand Champion while escorting him through a forest. This may be a reference to the Adoring Fan.
  • The Adoring Fan will always take the shortest way back to the Arena if told to go away, even if this involves jumping off cliffs and mountains. 
  • Killing the Adoring Fan is an easy way of joining the Dark Brotherhood.
  • The Adoring Fan was voiced by Craig Sechler.


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