"Oh, it's you. My brother goes on and on about you. I know you saved us and everything, but it does get tiresome after a while."
―Adosi Serethi[src]

Adosi quote

Adosi Serethi is a Dunmer ostler living in Aleswell. She is the sister of Diram Serethi, owner and innkeeper of the Aleswell inn.

Like the rest of the citizens in Aleswell, Adosi was affected by an Invisibility spell that was placed on the town by Ancotar in the nearby Fort Caractacus. Adosi seems to be the most content of everybody in town about the whole mess, as now people do not bother her as much. Out of all of her siblings she is the least friendly after the quest is completed though this is caused by her brother.


Zero VisibilityEdit

There are some rumors of strange happenings in the settlement of Aleswell, north of the Imperial City. The Hero should investigate it.


  • "Sometimes, people who are invisible are trying to get some privacy. Diram will be glad to talk your ear off about the whole mess."
  • "You better stay away from Diram. He's not very happy with you."
  • "Typical Altmer. Thinks the whole world is made for his convenience. If I had my way, we'd go down there and burn him out. Let him find some other place for his little "experiments."
  • "My sisters, on the other hand ... I wouldn't mind if they had stayed invisible! Ha ha ha!"