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Adraria Vandacia is an Imperial agent and tax lady of the Census and Excise in the region of Vvardenfell in the Imperial province of Morrowind.


Based in the port city and trading hub of Seyda Neen, Adraria spent the majority of her time cataloging the shipments that arrived in port and were held at the Census and Excise warehouse. Adraria can also often be found assisting Socucius Ergalla in the Census and Excise offices near the docks. She is in Seyda Neen when the Imperial Legion ship bearing the Nerevarine arrived in Morrowind.


Adraria is a skill trainer. She can train the Nerevarine in speechcraft, light Armor, and sneak.


Vandacia's BountyEdit

Collect the bounty on a tax lady in Seyda Neen.


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