Not to be confused with Addvar.

Advard, along with Skeggr, is one of two dead fishermen found as skeletons near the Wreck of The Winter War.


Advard is found underwater just northwest of, or washed up on the shore of, the isle of the Wreck of The Winter War. In the water, upon approaching, the Dragonborn will be attacked by around eight slaughterfish. Advard and Skeggr's boat will be upside-down in the water, and below it will be a lantern, a knapsack containing random clothes and loot, a couple of tankards, and a leveled war axe (anything from iron to ebony). Their skeletons will slowly drift northeast toward the sea.


  • The camp they were using can be found west, near the boat. There is a significant amount of food and loot to be found here.