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Adventurers of Orsinium are dungeon delvers searching for treasure in the name of the Orcish realm Orsinium and Orc lord Gortwog. They can only be found in 16 specific locations. It is most common to encounter a warrior, but the Hero of Kvatch may also find a battlemage or spellsword. They will always contain leveled gear and sometimes even an enchanted item. Adventurers are not hostile and will always be two levels below the Hero.


25% chance of spawnEdit

10% chance of spawnEdit


Quote Audio
I scour the land, seeking fortune for Gortwog and Orsinium. Someday all will recognize the true wealth of the Orcs!
Adventurer 1
You too seek wealth, do you not? May you find it, and may tales of your journey be legendary.
Adventurer 2
Well met, traveler. Are you seeking treasure as well? Gortwog demands riches, so all of Tamriel will respect Orsinium.
Adventurer 3
So we search the lands and bring home whatever we find. This makes Gortwog happy.
Adventurer 4
I must return to my task, for Gortwog waits. May you find all that you seek, traveler.
Adventurer 5

Soul valueEdit