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Main article: Jewelry (Morrowind)

Aesliip's Ring is a unique ring owned by Draugr Lord Aesliip that is enchanted to increase the wearer's Magicka and Willpower.


Both effects are constant on self:


The Skaal Test of StrengthEdit

While investigating the source of a mysterious fire burning on Lake Fjalding in Solstheim, the Nerevarine journeys to the Caves of Fjalding beneath the lake. Within the caves the Nerevarine encounters Aesliip, a former Skaal who was banished for his interest in necromancy. Aesliip tells the tale of his time beneath the lake, spent maintaining a magical barrier to prevent Daedra from overrunning the island. Aesliip is now in need of help to defeat a large group of invading Dire Frost Atronachs which are becoming a threat that the weakening barrier might not be able to restrain. The Nerevarine can choose to slay Aesliip as originally requested by Korst Wind-Eye, and obtain this ring as proof of completing the test of strength, or to aid Aesliip instead. Should the Nerevarine choose to help Aesliip he will give up this ring peacefully following the Daedra's defeat.


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