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Afflicted Remnants

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Afflicted Remnants
Afflicted Remnants
An afflicted remnant vomiting
Basic Info
Level Radiant
Soul Size Black

The Afflicted are a group of Bretons who have been "blessed" by Peryite with a wasting disease. They have unusual red skin and the ability to vomit a green looking poison at close range.


The Only CureEdit

For whatever reason, the Daedric Prince chose to isolate them in Bthardamz, where the Dragonborn is sent during the Daedric Quest "The Only Cure".

When the quest is completed, various afflicted remnants may be found roaming Skyrim and will attack on sight.


  • The Afflicted are weak adversaries at most levels, but can overwhelm their opponents with groups of casters.
  • They make particularly amusing, if not effective, Dead Thralls, as their special "vomit attack" is frequently employed.


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