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Aftershock Anomaly
Quest Giver Tolfdir
Location Radiant
Prerequisite The Eye of Magnus
Reward 500 - 1,500 GoldIcon
Faction College of Winterhold
Type Repeatable
Quest ID MGR30
Aftershock is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


"There have been reports of some sort of magical anomaly in Skyrim. Tolfdir fears it is a side-effect of Ancano's meddling with the Eye of Magnus, and has asked that I look into it. He suggested I take the Staff of Magnus with me, just in case."


The location of the anomaly may vary each time the quest is done. When the Dragonborn arrives, an anomaly is found spawning Magic Anomalies which are highly resistant to magic. The Dragonborn must defeat all of the apparitions to close the anomaly. Despite Tolfdir's recommendation to bring The Staff of Magnus, the Staff is not actually needed and, in some cases, seems to have no effect at all.


The Jarls are paying the College of Winterhold for clearing out the anomalies throughout Skyrim. As Arch-Mage, the Dragonborn receives a scaled amount of gold, described as a share, of 500-1,500 GoldIcon each time this quest is completed. However, if the aftershock was in Winterhold hold then there will be no reward, as the inhabitants of Winterhold are already angry enough with the College.


Every three days, Tolfdir can be asked about any tasks that need completing. He then marks the map with the location of a new rupture. Alternatively, when traversing the world, a Rupture can be found, and closing it will automatically start the Quest.


This section contains bugs related to Aftershock. Before adding a bug to this list, consider the following:

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  • The rupture and anomalies may not appear at the quest marker at all. To fix this bug, simply spawn a few anomalies, kill them and the quest will advance. (00053F1D)
  • The rupture may spawn underwater, rendering the quest impossible to complete due to the fact that no anomalies appear.
  • The rupture may spawn randomly causing the quest to start giving the objective of "Return to Tolfdir"

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