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"It was an Argonian, but unlike any he had seen anywhere."
Waughin Jarth[src]

Agacephs were a breed of Argonian[1] who had extremely thin faces that were described by some as "needle-like"[1] and possessed eyes that resembled vertical slits[1]. They did not possess one uniform scale color like the Naga, a breed of Argonians who all possessed black scales, but scale color differed greatly between individuals.[1] Some had bright green scales others possessed purple, blue, white, orange, yellow, and red scales.[1]

They lived in the innermost swamps of Black Marsh and traveled through the marshes on extremely thin rafts that they guided with their tails.[1] They generally possessed a low opinion of the Archeins due to their meddling in slave trading with the Dunmer of Morrowind, their extortion of the other Argonians, and their assimilation into Imperial culture.[1]



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