"Oh hey there. You here to join the Dawnguard too?"
―Agmaer near Fort Dawnguard[src]

Agmaer is a Nord with aspirations of joining the Dawnguard.



He is initially found at the entrance of Dayspring Canyon. He asks if he can accompany the Dragonborn to Fort Dawnguard and remarks on his hopes of joining the Dawnguard. Agmaer also says that he is a bit nervous, because he is afraid that Isran doesn't want him. When Isran questions him about his experience with weapons, he mentions he mostly uses his "Pa's axe" to fend off wolves, much to Isran's amusement. Despite this, Isran sees promise in the young man and gives him a crossbow to begin his training.

Upon completion of "A New Order," he becomes available as a follower, and can be found wandering around the inside of Fort Dawnguard.


As a follower his highest skills are One-Handed, Two-Handed, Block and Light Armor. He has one of the lowest level caps, at 25, and his stats are identical to those of Beleval. If given staves, he will use them effectively in combat, with a one-handed weapon in the other hand.



  • Agmaer can be used to farm an infinite supply of steel crossbow bolts. Upon completion of the Dawnguard quest, Agmaer will be given a crossbow by Isran, and told to shoot at a set of crates. He will continue to do so until completion of the next quest. Collection is a slow process, as he fires a bolt roughly every 8 seconds.
  • After downloading the Dragonborn add-on, Agmaer may use the same dialogue as Talvas Fathryon from Tel Mithryn when recruited as a follower, stating that Master Neloth is always asking him to get out of his way.
  • After he joins the Dawnguard, Agmaer wears a set of Dawnguard Heavy Armor with no helmet, replacing his initial clothes.


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