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"Not so loud, please. What a headache I've got. I'm Agnete the Smith. 'The Pickled' they call me. Sure wish I was pickled right now."
―Agnete the Pickled[src]

Agnete quote

Agnete the Pickled runs the Hammer and Tongs in Skingrad, closer to the West Gate. The Hero may hear rumors from fellow Skingrad residents that they shouldn't visit Agnete's shop early in the morning because she usually isn't feeling well then.

This rumor is mostly true mainly because Agnete often has hangovers after a night of drinking heavily at Two Sisters Lodge, which concerns many of the townsfolk. Nevertheless, she still sells many things during the day which include weapons, armor, and offers repair services anytime.


"Well, the local wine is great. It isn't cheap. But I don't bother with beer or ale any more, and for a Nord, that's saying something."
―Agnete the Pickled[src]

Like most of the residents of Skingrad, Agnete thinks that Glarthir is a bit strange. She will also talk about the Gray Fox and give the latest rumors. 

Agnete works a twelve hour day, waking up and opening her shop at eight and closing at eight before heading straight to Two Sisters Lodge for some Cheap Wine where she can be found drinking for the next two hours.

Her drinking has drawn the attention of Alessia Ottus, the author of Guide to Skingrad. Alessia makes note of Agnete's drinking, as well as the common knowledge of the fact, stating her shock of Agnete "being proud of such shameful behavior." Despite her reputation for drinking, her skills with armor are not doubted. Local rumors even suggest that many do not care how much she drinks as long as she "keeps doing such fine work."


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