Not to be confused with Agnes of Glenmoril.

Agnis is an old Nord woman living inside Fort Greymoor who cooks and cleans for the occupants, which are either Legionnaires, Stormcloaks, or bandits, depending on the state of the Civil War.


She is not hostile to the Dragonborn and when spoken to, she says that she will never leave the fort, and has been the maid for all the different factions and groups who have inhabited it. They come and go so fast, she doesn't seem to care. She tells any new group claiming the fort that she comes with it. If the Dragonborn drops an item in the fort, she may bring it to the Dragonborn, informing them that they had mislaid their item.

Contract: Kill AgnisEdit

She is the target of this Dark Brotherhood assassination contract given by Nazir. One must kill Agnis for a reward of 500–700 GoldIcon.


  • "I can't even keep track of all the people who have been in and out of this fort. They come, they go. I barely notice."
  • "I remember one morning long time ago, I woke up and the place was run by some Orcs. Went to bed that night, it was all vampires. Don't matter to me."


  • In the note, Soldier's Request, it is mentioned that Agnis prevents the soldiers from sleeping.
  • Agnis wrote a Complaint Letter to the soldiers, which can be found in the chapel on the uppermost level of the fort.
  • The notes spread around the fort may imply the person who paid for her death is one of the fort's residents, out of frustration.
  • Oddly, Agnis will not attack or run away when the Dragonborn is in Beast Form.