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Not to be confused with Agrippina Herennia or Agrippa Priscus.
"I don't know who sent you, but the answer is "no." I just want to be left alone. Please leave."
―Agrippa Mento[src]

Agrippa Mento is a retired scout of the Imperial Legion. He resides in his house, located across the river from Castle Alessia. He has no intention to ever return to the Legion and worries not of any casualties the Soulburst and Three Banners War will create, having been traumatized over the loss of his fellow soldiers.


  • "Perhaps you're not who I thought. I assumed you were from Captain Brocchus, come to ask me back again. But I'm not going back. I'm out of that fight. The Imperial City and everyone in it can go to Oblivion, for all I care."
  • "I was a scout for the Imperial army, one of the best. Out of the ones who hadn't been eaten or torn to pieces, that is. I saw too many of my friends die in there, at the hands of monsters. I'm never going back."



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