"Ah-Malz of the Fighters Guild. Welcome to Skingrad County. Come hunting goblins, have you?"

AhMalz quote

Ah-Malz is an Argonian blademaster and member of the Fighters Guild in Skingrad.

He is known around Skingrad for his hatred of goblins. When asked, he will recommend Derelict Mine as well as the whole West Weald for goblin hunting.


  • "The whole West Weald is pretty good goblin hunting country. They're thick here in Colovia, along the Valenwood and Elsweyr borders."
  • "Try the big goblin den called 'Derelict Mine' out east along the Gold Road."


  • Due to a coding error, Ah-Malz does not go hunting like he was meant to, and instead spends all of his time in the guild hall.