Aharunartus is one of the caves located in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind at the Bitter Coast. You can get here by going west from Seyda Neen or south and a little bit southeast from Hla Oad.

There are four slavers here, all of them low-level. Brothes Oran is a trainer, but he is hostile. There are also four slaves behind a locked gate.

Most loot is random and possible findings include potions, alchemical ingredients, weapons, armor, skooma, moon sugar and some gold. Yatur gro-Shak is carrying a copy of Bone, Book I.

The slave key can be hard to find since it's not on any of the NPCs. It is lying on top of a locked ancient chest in the cave near Yatur gro-Shak.


Notable itemsEdit



  • Just in front of the ladder that leads into the pool, there's an underwater passage with two skulls and an iron mace lying on the cave floor.