"Ahaz is Ulath-Pal's faithful bodyguard. He is not so strong or skilled as Ashu-Ahhe. But wherever you see Ulath-Pal, you will also see Ahaz."

Ahaz is a Dunmer champion who lives in Erabenimsun Camp in the Ashkhan's Yurt. He is one of the Gulakhans of the tribe and acts as a bodyguard to Ashkhan Ulath-Pal.


Ahaz is a member of the Ashlanders faction, and is a Gulakhan and bodyguard to Ashkhan Ulath-Pal. Like to other war-loving members of the clan, he is cruel and hostile towards outlanders, such as the Nerevarine. He plays an important role in the "Erabenimsun Nerevarine" quest. Little else is known about him except that his grandfather was Kinitu Nila, and he received Sanit-Kil's Heart of Fire from Sanit-Kil.[1] He is also carries the Wind of Ahaz, a unique axe.




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Greeting "What do you want?"

Greeting "Oh, all right. If you insist...." OR "Go away, stupid. I'd kill you, but it's not worth the trouble."
outlander "Why do you bother us? We don't like you. Go away."

Greeting (during the quest "The Path of the Incarnate") "You are the outlander who claims to fulfill the Nerevarine prophecies. What do you want?"

Greeting (during the quest "The Path of the Incarnate") "You don't listen, outlander." OR "All right. If that's the way you want it..."
Nerevarine prophecies "Nobody cares about that. You just make us tired. Go away."

Rescue Jocien AncoisEdit

Jocien Ancois "He is like the Nix-Hound chasing a bone. We told him the Mabrigash wanted to hear him speak from his books. He went to them, and never returned."

Mabrigash "The wise-woman who left us, and our rules. She steals a man's vital essence to make herself a powerful sorcerer. Her camp is to the west, along the lava. She has others with her and I would stay away. It'll be hard to find the camp in this landscape anyway."




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