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Ahemmusa Camp is one of the main Ashlanders camps, and can be located in Vvardenfell, Morrowind. There is no fast travel to this location, the best way to get to the Ahemmusa camp is to travel by ship to Vos or Tel Mora, then you just have to go a middle-long way north.

In the camp are a lot of containers and many wickwheat plants are growing here.

People in Ahemmusa CampEdit

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Main QuestEdit

  • Ahemmusa Nerevarine: You must travel to the Ahemmusa camp and have them recognize you as the Nerevarine.

Fighters GuildEdit

Mages GuildEdit



On the area from the Ahemmusa camp are a diseased mudcrab, a pack guar, a shalk and a random creature (a diseased mudcrab or mudcrab).


  • Nibani Maesa and Sul-Matuul say the Ahemmusa are the "ashlander of the Grazelands," but that's wrong because when the Nerevarine ask some people[1] about "ahemmusa camp" they say it is located at Azura's Coast and de facto it borders to the west, north and east at Azura's Coast and just at the south at the grazelands.



  1. All Savants in Morrowind and all scouts in Tel Mora and Sadrith Mora.

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