"It's coming. I think I'm the only one who sees it, though. And I'm going to be ready. Oh, yes. I'll be ready."

Ahjazda quote

Ahjazda is a Khajiit enchanter who is convinced that the world is coming to an end soon. She is the owner of the shop Things Found in Crucible.


The Coming StormEdit

Ahajazda's paranoia is well-known to the townsfolk. The only thing she is better known for is the amount of "junk" she collects and sells. She will ask the Hero to find three items for her that she believes will help her survive the coming "apocalypse." She will then reward the Ahjazda's Paranoia which is a power that can be used daily. 


  • "So much to gather, so little time. Perhaps you can help? You might help against the coming storm."
  • "The world could come crashing down around us any day now. Never know what might save your hide, so I've got a bit of everything."
  • "I've been storing things for when the end comes. You might find some of it useful." After the trade, she will say: "If the world hasn't ended, I'll be here. Come back again."


  • The items she asks for during her quest will be added to the list of items she sells, so they can be bought back if desired.
  • If Ahjazda dies, her tombstone in New Sheoth Graveyard will read, "In memory of Ahjazda. The world wasn't coming to an end -- only her."


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