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Not to be confused with Ahnisa.
For other uses, see Ahnassi.

Ahnassi is a Khajiit monk who lives in the Imperial-constructed city of Pelagiad in the Vvardenfell region of Morrowind.


Ahnassi is a "freelance" member of the infamous criminal organization known as the Thieves Guild. She says that she had to train often to develop her skills in the arts of acrobatics, hand-to-hand combat, and sneaking. She is willing to pass on her knowledge to prospective clients for gold.


She can be found at the Halfway Tavern, but may return to her house during a quest.


Ahnassi, a Special FriendEdit

It is possible to have a relationship with Ahnassi if the Nerevarine is male, though the full extent of the relationship is unknown. Pursuing the romance involves a series of tasks that are not available otherwise. If the Neravarine ever hits her for any reason, even if it was an accident, she can no longer interacted with.



This character uses or carries the following:


This character uses the following:




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