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"Lizard maggot has said too much, has he? Ahnia will silence him, but first Ahnia will silence you!"

Ahnia is a Khajiit assassin found in the Bazaar Sewers. After speaking to Ten-Tongues Weerhat about the price of goods, it is revealed that Ahnia is the supplier of his stolen goods. If spoken to about it, she will attack the Nerevarine.


Scroll SalesEdit

The Nerevarine should speak to Ahnia about stolen goods she has been selling to Ten-Tongues Weerhat, the local pawnbroker.


Ahnia uses the folowing:


Greeting "Ahnia does not know you, so Ahnia has nothing to say to you."

Greeting (during the quest "Scroll Sales") "What does [PC Race] want from Ahnia?"

Ahnia "What is it you want, [PC Race]?"
Ten-Tongues Weerhat "Lizard maggot has said too much, has he? Ahnia will silence him, but first Ahina will silence you!"

Greeting (if trying to take the Note to Ahnia from the floor) "Filthy [PC Race]! That note belongs to Ahnia!" (attacks)


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