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Race Breton
Gender Male
Level 6
Class Miner
Faction The Reach
Services Marriage
Ref ID 00019931
Base ID 00013B69
"If the Forsworn aren't attacking my town, the Nords are trying to force me off it."

Ainethach is a Breton who can be found in Karthwasten. He is in charge of the village and the mine.


Sanuarach MineEdit

When the Dragonborn reaches Karthwasten, Ainethach is seen arguing with Silver-Blood mercenaries about his mine, Sanuarach Mine. The mercenaries want him to sell it to them for helping clear Forsworn invaders from it.

The Dragonborn has the option to choose to help him keep his mine by either convincing Atar and his Silver-Blood Mercenaries to leave, or simply killing them so they are no longer an issue. It is also possible to side with Atar instead, and convince Ainethach to sell his mine. Regardless of which side is chosen, the Dragonborn will receive a leveled amount of GoldIcon.

Recipe for DisasterEdit

During the quest Recipe for Disaster, if the Dragonborn kills the helpers of the cook in Understone Keep, Ainethach may send out hired thugs.


Ainethach is a marriage candidate. As with all possible spouses, he makes a daily profit of 100 GoldIcon that does not have to be collected every day. He will hold onto the amount as it increases until it is asked for by the Dragonborn.

If he is killed in a random attack (dragons, vampires, etc.) after the Dragonborn has aided him, the Dragonborn may receive a letter of inheritance and 100 GoldIcon.


  • "I'm one of the few native sons of the Reach that owns land. It doesn't make me very popular."


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