Ajira is a Khajiit Alchemist in the Balmora Mages Guild and a trainer in Enchant, Alchemy and Conjuration, all of which can be raised to a maximum of 48 through her. She is desperately trying to reach the rank of "Journeyman" before Galbedir. A number of simple quests can be undertaken for her, almost all of them having to do with this bet. A couple of more advanced quests are available from her later on.


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There are a number of Mages Guild quests that are given by Ajira. These are in the order that they are given (and can be completed):

  1. Four Types of Mushrooms
  2. Fake Soul Gem
  3. Four Types of Flowers
  4. Ceramic Bowl
  5. Stolen Reports (end of quests related to the rivalry with Galbedir)
  6. Recover the Staff of Magnus (requires rank of Warlock or higher)
  7. Warlock's Ring


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